Get your own prime land with a governors consent title and unbeatable benefits
Have you ever fallen victim of purchasing property with the wrong or fake title documents? Or do you know anyone who has?
Sometimes fraudsters in the guise of realtors sell landed properties with fake title documents and deceive innocent naïve buyers into buying landed properties that
would either later be repurposed by the government without any compensation or become a case of contention with the real property owner who has the genuine title documents leaving the naive buyer with a huge loss of money and unbearable nightmares.
You don’t want to fall in the hands of fraudsters peddling already purchased land or
land not authorized for public purchase by the government.

We at Zillenium got you covered as all our properties have genuine title documents and would save you loads of heartaches. One of such is our 4 acres (24 plots) of prime land.
in a serene part of Ibeju Lekki Lagos state by the main road available for purchase.
Note that Land directly on the road is now almost impossible to find for purchase but this land we have for sale is on the road, a prime spot to be precise.

4 acres of Land for sell

The Ibeju Lekki land is located at Otolu in Lapekun, Ibeju Local government it’s about 2
mins drive from Dangote Deep Sea Port.
Hurry now! Contact us to get your own piece of this prime land as there is only a
limited supply (only 24 plots) and it is selling out really fast.
Contact us now! To get this economically valuable land that come with so much peace
of mind