Smart office in Lapal House

Achieve more in your business

Get a high performance, “rid of distraction” office facility where you can concentrate,
collaborate, create and innovate with your team.
Are you looking for an awesome work environment, a “dream lab” where you bring your business dreams to life?
Have you been seeking for the right space to create that perfect ambiance for
Do you need a hitch free with 24/7 electricity work place to allow you and your team focus on your business tasks and ultimately your business goals?
Trust me it can be really annoying when your work environment is full of dirt,
disorder, clutter, noise and distractions. You and your teammates can’t even perform your business tasks in peace and certainty.
Missed deadlines, many unnecessary “I am sorry” to your clients, heartaches and
stress just to mention a few will be the order of the day if you have erratic and
unpredictable power supply.
It goes without saying that a key element you surely need to grow your business fast
to the next level is a work place that fosters productivity, certainty and perfect collaboration.
A work place where you are sure of 24/7 power supply so that you and your team can focus on what you know how to do best.
A peaceful, organized office that can allow your brain to work at its optimum.
An office environment that inspires imagination and creativity

Smart office

We at zillenium hereby introduce Lapal house; a building made up of 12 floors of
office space, each measuring 380 sq. meters as well as a ground floor and a covered
parking garage.
Each floor of office suites is designed to create the ambiance for a relaxed and
comfortable work environment plus flexible use and layout.
The building is beautifully clad with a grey mosaic finish. Being a relatively tall
building, Lapal House offers beautiful views of the Lagos area and the Lagos Lagoon
adding to the ambiance of the interior spaces.
Each Smart Office space is designed as a plug-and-play concept equipped with
modern finished facilities and services: Backup Power, Daily Cleaning, 24 hours
Security, and a Floor Receptionist.
Multi-unit configuration options are available which combine 7 Smart Office suitesMeetings rooms, restrooms, kitchenette areas and other supporting facilities are also available on each floor.
What you get when you rent or lease any of these office spaces are as follows;
1. Uninterrupted power supply so that you and your team can focus on your work.
There is a constant supply of electricity during working hours from the national
grid and in case of a power outage, provision has been made for generating
sets to power the building.
2. You save money from fueling generators
3. You can save time in order for you and your team to focus on your work as
professional cleaning services are made available for clients who are interested
in hiring cleaning services. However, common areas will always be cleaned.
4. You can work rest assured of your safety because top-class security officers
will be provided.
5. You are provided with a fluent, well-trained receptionist to receive your
6. Intercom and other telephone connections are made available on request.
7. The building possesses ample space for elevators for ease of movement on
each of the 12 floors in the building.
8. In the case of a fire outbreak in the building, there is a fire escape on each floor
to ensure the safety of all the occupants in the building. Also each of the office
suites is provided with fire extinguishers.
9. Convenient and comfortable parking is available for you and your clients within
and outside the building.
10.And many more.
Lapal House is located in the Onikan area of Lagos, a major central business district in
the most populous city in Nigeria.
The Onikan area is fairly easy to access as it has one of the largest transportation
terminals in the state linking it to various routes all around the city. It is a landmark
building and has been a bold part of the Lagos island skyline for over three decades.
Hurry now! Contact us to get your office space as there is only a limited supply and it
is selling out really fast.
Contact us now! Let’s get that super work environment for you and your team